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Dalmatians are a distinctive breed of medium-sized dogs known for their unique coat pattern of black or liver spots. Originally bred as carriage dogs, they accompanied horse drawn carriages as they are very compatible with horses. Today they are cherished family members known for their loyalty, intelligence and energy.

At Bully Market Dalmatians, we uphold the highest standards of responsible breeding by prioritizing health , temperament, and conformation of each of our carefully planned litters. We strive to match each puppy with the perfect forever home, ensuring a lifetime of love and companionship. 

If you are interested in the ownership of one of our puppies , please fill out an application below and we will contact you . Please note there is a non refundable deposit required to get on our waiting list! 

Contact us to learn more. 

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Upcoming Litters 

Planned for Summer 2024- Knight x Rain 

This will be a repeat breeding ! We had great success and beautiful puppies from their last litter so we expect similar results from this litter as well. All puppies are BAER hearing tested , microchipped, well socialized and up to date on vaccines and deworming before going home ! 

Deposits are required to reserve a puppy ahead of time and can either be refunded or transferred to the next litter if there isn't enough puppies. 

Prices range from $1800-$3000

First pick male - Available 

Second pick male - Reserved 

Third pick male - Available 

First pick female - Reserved 

Second pick female - Reserved 

Third pick female - Available 


    Dalmatri x Black Knight 

    Knight is an AKC registered imported male from Romania!  He is currently only 7 single points away from AKC champion and was recognized as a puppy of achievement for his show record before a year old ! He will be getting back out to the show ring this year. 

    Minnie Mouse 

    Minnie Mouse was our first Dalmatian and the girl that made us fall in love with the breed! She is the sweetest girl and passes her gentle temperament on to her puppies. She will be retired this year but we have kept one of her daughters to carry on bloodline ! 


    Dalmatri x April Rain

    Introducing our imported black and white HUA female all the way from Romania! We are thrilled to have her join us, and we have exciting plans to showcase her in the AKC shows.

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