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Thank you for exploring our website and considering a Bully Market American Bully Dog to become a cherished member of your family!

Our Dogs are exclusively intended for companionship purposes, and we do not facilitate breeding. The price range for our companion-only Dogs typically falls between $1,500 and $5,000, depending on the specific selection. This cost includes the essential spaying or neutering procedure.

Please note that if you are interested in breeding or showing dogs, we do not provide Dogs with full breeding rights. However, we do offer co-ownership options starting at $5,000, subject to a rigorous approval process. If this aligns with your requirements, kindly fill out this application and someone will respond to you within 24 hrs.

We offer worldwide shipping, allowing you to bring home your Bully Market Dog regardless of your location!



Honcho x Puma

Introducing Phylis, a delightful 2-year-old female descended from the renowned Mr. Squish. With her endearing personality and a strong desire to please, Phylis is an absolute joy to be around. She is now eagerly searching for her forever home, where she can shower her love and devotion upon her new family. If you're seeking a lovable companion who will bring endless happiness into your life, Phylis is the perfect match for you.

Marsha The Martian

Meatball x Beatrix

"Marsha The Martian" has captivated fans throughout the years with her unique personality and distinctive appearance. Now, the time has come for her to retire and find her forever companion-only home. Marsha would thrive in an environment where she can be the sole focus and receive undivided attention. She is seeking a loving home where she can enjoy her well-deserved retirement surrounded by her devoted human companions.

Marsha the Martian Bully Market Dog
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