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Horses make fascinating and unique pets, offering companionship, beauty, and the opportunity for various recreational activities. They are large, intelligent animals that have been domesticated for centuries, requiring substantial care, space, and resources. Horses form strong bonds with their owners, needing proper training and handling to develop a trusting relationship.

We specialize in high-quality and rare horse breeds. Our top priorities are breeding healthy animals with exceptional temperaments and captivating looks. Our breeding program is small, so if you would like to join our waiting list, please contact us here. 

Be sure to also check out our Dalmations.

Bully Market Horses

Dulce Deja Vu

Beautiful Friesian mare! She has produced four stunning foals, all of which have received outstanding points at the Kuerigs (except her last foal, as we unfortunately missed the show). She possesses the traits of a mature baroque Friesian and exhibits the typical gentle temperament. This mare and her offspring are incredibly agile and display impressive movement


A 2008 blanket appaloosa miniature mare is available. She may potentially be in foal to a leopard appaloosa stallion.

Baby Horses by Bully Market
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